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Get measurable online success with Google Analytics.

We provide Google Analytics consultancy to help you understand your audience and achieve your goals. Whether you want to increase sales or enquiries, or just serve your audience better, we focus on what works and get rid of what doesn’t to save you time and resources. 

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We provide Google Analytics consultancy including:

  • online performance dashboards
  • user journey insight reports to understand your audience
  • content recommendation reports to achieve your goals
  • technical audits so you can trust your data
  • audience segmentation to target certain customers
  • incorporate data such as social media, sales and enquiries data

Case study – Te Papa venues

Te Papa Venues wanted to increase their venues bookings, and were wondering whether a new website would serve their needs better.

Data allowed us to improve performance of the existing website, saving huge costs. We simplified the enquiry form, and improved the weddings offering with Google-optimised content and beautiful images.

Results after eight months:

  • 90% increase in traffic to weddings content
  • 100% increase in online enquiries from the weddings audience

See the full case study at Te Papa Venues: increasing enquiries with better content.

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