What we do

We’re experts at making sure your website is working well as it possibly can. We use data to get results, whether that be more visits, a better user experience, increased sales, or more effective social media. 

We know what success looks like, and we know how to get you there with:

Start with us and we’ll help you focus on the things that work, rather than wasting time and money on the things that don’t.

Google Analytics + SEO + Social monitoring

Google Analytics

Understand your website audience and achieve your goals with Google Analytics data. Whether you want to increase sales and enquiries, or just serve your audience better, we focus on what works to save you time and money.

  • GA4 support and training.
  • User insight reports to meet the needs of your audience.
  • Content recommendation reports to connect better with users.
  • Technical audits so you can trust your data.
  • Audience segmentation to target certain customers.
  • Ecommerce tracking setup.

Content SEO

We’ll help you create user-focussed content that performs well in Google. We’ll find demand in Google for your products and services, and build your Google audience through quality content and tried-and-true SEO techniques.

Performance dashboards

Dashboards reveal the needs of your audience, and show the value of your work to your wider organisation.

We pull in data to show your Google search and website performance, along with other data sources such as social media, sales and enquiry data to give you a holistic picture of your online performance.

Social media performance monitoring

Understand what’s working and what’s not regarding your social campaigns. Find opportunities to reach new audiences, and target your existing audiences better.

Google Analytics training

We offer customised training designed to meet your needs. Talk to us for a personalised approach that won’t bombard you with irrelevant data.

Google Analytics offers a vast range of data reports, so generic training often doesn’t meet the mark. We talk to you about your needs, and create a strategy to upskill your team, including: 

  • Training sessions on the techniques you need.
  • Ad hoc data support when you need it.
  • Automated dashboards that everyone can use to find valuable insights.
We’ve used Lana for diving into trends and behaviour on our site and can highly recommend. Lana is down to earth, really knows her stuff, and most importantly can explain insights in plain English to key stakeholders.
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