Te reo and SEO

Organisations are increasingly using both Māori and English language in their website content. With best-practice SEO we can reach the largest Google audience, and connect with users who are becoming increasingly fluent in te reo. How you use Māori language in your website is a… Read More »Te reo and SEO

Increase your website conversions

It can be difficult to get meaningful success from your digital marketing. Adwords, social media, SEO and newsletter marketing can be time-consuming and expensive, and the ‘success’ claimed by different platforms and marketing agencies often consists of empty numbers. The key is to focus on… Read More »Increase your website conversions

Hold a website goals workshop

We’re likely to return to a different digital landscape when we emerge from our lockdown bubbles. Audience demand may have changed, marketing budgets may be reduced and many other possibilities may have emerged. Out of this change comes opportunity, and a chance to make the… Read More »Hold a website goals workshop