Our approach

We provide tailored services for your individual needs. We like plain English insights that drive meaningful success and greater efficiency. We don’t like impenetrable reports or superficial results. We’ll bring you along for the ride so that you can own your digital performance.  

We partner up with digital agencies and contractors depending on what’s required. By letting your data pave the way, we get you on the track that’s right for you.

Lana Gibson

Lanalytics is run by me, Lana Gibson. I work with digital partners to help people to connect with their audience.

I’ve worked with digital data for the last decade, and I know how to get results. Data cultures are built with dashboards, targeted training and actionable insight reports that can be used by everyone, not shelved in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

It’s not user stupidity, but design failure that causes many users to get frustrated online. Good design is driven by data.

I speak at events and blog, sharing case studies on how to use data to improve the user experience, and make peoples’ lives that little bit easier.

Super Efficient

We are agile and responsive - tell us your goals and deadlines and we'll get you where you need to go.

Deeply Commited

We blog and speak at events to upskill our community, we go beyond our contracting services.

Highly Skilled

We only work with the best specialists, because we care about meaningful work and measurable results.

Clients and partners

Content design and strategy

People-driven digital experiences

Creative strategy and web development

Working with Lana has transformed our marketing team to be more data driven, helping us to better understand our users and develop a pipeline of data-informed opportunities.
Andrew Underwood
Product Marketing - Silverstripe