Why put loads of effort into your online presence when you only have a vague idea about whether it’s paying off? We make sure your online channels are delivering measurable value to your business, using data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media data and your business data. We’ll focus on what works and get rid of what doesn’t, saving you time and resources.

We’ll work with you on your website, Google traffic, social media, email campaigns and blogging to get you where you want to go, whether it’s getting more online sales, maximising enquiries or improving your brand awareness.

Services include:

  • audience insights
  • improvement recommendations
  • digital strategy
  • SEO to increase your Google traffic
  • Adwords performance monitoring
  • content marketing
  • social media management
  • UX support for website changes

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Client feedback

Andrew – SilverStripe

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“Working with Lana has transformed our marketing team to be more data driven, helping us to better understand our users behaviour and develop a pipeline of data-informed opportunities. Lana’s ability to understand the challenges unique to our business has helped our team take actionable steps towards smarter reporting and tracking. Lana quickly identified where we needed help, and within a few sessions we were working smarter as a team. Professional, thoughtful and an analytics guru, Lana has been great to work with and continues to be our point of reference for all things analytics.”

Tony – Flagandbanner.co.nz

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“Hi Lana, hey thanks so much for doing our web site audit, brilliant result and under budget! Thanks for your honesty in billable hours, so refreshing, this is not common in your industry. We now have a clear direction going forward. Not only will we alter how the current site looks but also revisit the SEO opportunities you have identified.”


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