Reveal: GA4 marketing case study

Here’s a case study on how we helped a company use GA4 data to understand their marketing performance.
Reveal uses world-first technology to identify pipes and infrastructure located underground, like a subsurface x-ray. 
They rely on paid advertising, primarily through LinkedIn and Google AdWords to promote content pieces written in-house. They also use organic channels such as email newsletters, third-party publications, and are building their SEO performance.

Reveal requirements

They wanted to:
  • find out which traffic sources and campaigns lead to conversions (contact form submissions)
  • understand which content articles resonate with their audience, as these are highly technical and take time to produce
  • track the user journey through the website, to inform design
  • feel reassured that GA4 is tracking accurately, and that their events are set up correctly.

Support provided

  • We set up a marketing dashboard in Looker Studio to give Reveal a clear view of marketing performance in one place. They can also filter the dashboard to only show data from specific traffic sources and campaigns.
  • We gave Reveal training to show how to use the Path exploration report to see user journeys through their site, and showed how to apply filters to see journeys from particular audiences such as LinkedIn users, and convertors vs non-convertors.
  • We provided a GA4 and GTM audit, along with recommendations for comprehensive and accurate tracking which we helped them to implement.

Here’s the dashboard we designed:

Differences using GA4 data

GA4 has meant a steep learning curve for most of us, as the interface and data is very different to UA. But when it comes to creating Looker dashboards it’s not SO different. There are more measures to choose from, but when you find the right ones you can create a clear picture of performance. 

Audiences in Looker Studio

Audiences are custom filters you create in GA4 to track certain groups of users. You can add a dropdown filter to your Looker dashboard which automatically populates with all your audiences, just select one to filter your data.

The GA4 Path exploration report

This is a custom report in GA4 where you can track user journeys through your content. You can also filter this data using Segments to only show journeys from particular traffic sources, campaigns, convertors vs non-convertors, whatever you like.

Enhanced events

It’s great that we have more out-of-the-box events, but they’re often not comprehensive. For example, video  events only track Youtube videos automatically, you’ll need custom tracking for other providers like Vimeo.

If you need help understanding your marketing performance, get in touch with us for a chat.

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