Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training and support

Our GA4 training will be available soon. Contact us to register your interest, or sign up to our newsletter to get an alert when the training goes live.

Google Analytics is changing

Google Analytics is phasing out Universal Analytics (UA) accounts, which is the version most of us have been using for years. In July 2023 your UA account will stop collecting data, and GA4 will be the only version available.

This is a big change for those of us who have been using UA – much of the functionality is available in GA4 but the interface is very different.

GA4 support
We can help you:
  • Set up your GA4 account.
  • Migrate custom tracking to GA4.
  • Create reports and Data Studio dashboards from GA4 data.
  • GA4 training will soon be available. 
GA4 training 

Our training will help you find content and audience insights in GA4. It’s designed for beginner – intermediate GA users who want to know how to use key reports in order to:

  • Identify the traffic sources leading people to your website.
  • Understand how people are engaging with your site.
  • Find out how your content is performing.
  • Create insightful audience reports and dashboards within GA.

Contact us to register your interest, or sign up to our newsletter to find out when the training goes live.

We already offer Google Analytics training on the current UA version.

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