SEO is content

Content is everything. That’s the main learning from the excellent book SEO for Growth which explains how to get more Google traffic to your website, in plain English. The authors even claim that content marketing experts are surpassing SEO experts in this field, which should give you pause for thought about where to invest your digital … Continue reading SEO is content

Website performance dashboards for Radio NZ

RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is New Zealand’s state-funded broadcaster. Forget the fusty pulled-up-socks-and-shorts vibe you might get when you think of public radio, RNZ delivers thought-provoking journalism and storytelling online and on air, and plays good music. As an avid listener I was stoked when their Digital Product and Audience team wanted some help to … Continue reading Website performance dashboards for Radio NZ

User research + analytics = brilliant content

People often take sides regarding the effectiveness of qualitative insight like user research, vs quantitative data such as analytics for finding user needs. But they’re natural partners, and by combining them you can overcome the inherent limitations in each. User researcher Charlotte Clancy and I combined the two disciplines, resulting in measurable improvements to GOV.UK … Continue reading User research + analytics = brilliant content

Dashboard for GOV.UK transition project

Dashboards are often impressively useless, as Paul Cothenet explains very well in his post The law of shitty dashboards. I created the dashboard below with designer Stephen McCarthy to track a GOV.UK project. I've gone into more detail about the different elements below, but the most un-useless bit was the definitely the Performance element, particularly the part that … Continue reading Dashboard for GOV.UK transition project