Audience data from Google Analytics

Audience data from Google Analytics reveals who your audience are, and what they're doing on your site. Google Analytics demographic data will give you a rough idea of things like age, gender and the location of your users, and behavioural data shows what's working and what's not for different groups. RNZ used this data to … Continue reading Audience data from Google Analytics

Should you buy Adwords?

Approach Adwords with care Clients often come to me feeling frustrated that they’re throwing money into an Adwords black hole - they have no idea whether their spend is resulting in value to their business. They’ve often seen performance data showing that they’re getting good visibility in search results and clicks onto their website, but … Continue reading Should you buy Adwords?

Google Analytics for content designers

Content is often a low priority on the digital food chain, but user-focussed content is a crucial part of successful digital products. You can have all the functionality in the world, but if users can’t understand how to use your services your product will fail! Sara Greig is an awesome content designer who creates content … Continue reading Google Analytics for content designers

Google Analytics benchmarks with Silverstripe

I've written another blog post for Silverstripe about Investigating trends in Google Analytics. I reveal all my analytics secrets and provide benchmarks from ten (mostly government) sites for: home page bounce rates mobile use site-search use You'll find out how to read them against your own site performance to understand your audience, diagnose any problems and … Continue reading Google Analytics benchmarks with Silverstripe

Website performance dashboards for Radio NZ

RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is New Zealand’s state-funded broadcaster. Forget the fusty pulled-up-socks-and-shorts vibe you might get when you think of public radio, RNZ delivers thought-provoking journalism and storytelling online and on air, and plays good music. As an avid listener I was stoked when their Digital Product and Audience team wanted some help to … Continue reading Website performance dashboards for Radio NZ

Busting analytics myths with Silverstripe

Recently I held a hands-on analytics meetup with Silverstripe. They're a cool Wellington company who create open source platforms, and are building an international digital community. We used free online tools to see what people are searching for in Google, and created advanced segments in Google Analytics to understand more about different audiences. I've written … Continue reading Busting analytics myths with Silverstripe

BNZ analytics training

I recently held website analytics training with some of the BNZ Digital team. They were awesome - they have an open and supportive culture and everyone got involved, discussing ideas about their customers and testing them with data. They mostly worked on website content, but there were also design, marketing, data and digital strategy people … Continue reading BNZ analytics training