Ecommerce analytics with Commonsense

Commonsense ecommerce dashboard If you have an ecommerce website you need data you can trust, so that you can understand your audience and increase your sales. If you've tried to track sales data with Google Analytics (GA) you may have found that it’s not a simple task. Commonsense are a family business selling organic, sustainable … Continue reading Ecommerce analytics with Commonsense

Te Papa venues: increasing enquiries with better content

Do we need a new website? Te Papa Venues came to me in mid-2017 wondering if they needed to create a new website to achieve their performance goals. Their content lives on the main museum website which is designed to help people visit the museum and explore online collections, not promote commercial venue spaces. The … Continue reading Te Papa venues: increasing enquiries with better content

How to SEO your content

How do you get more Google traffic? Take the words that people are searching for, and put them in your titles and URLs. In this post we'll go through a case study from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) where we increased Google traffic with the recipe above. It's a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technique, … Continue reading How to SEO your content

Audience data from Google Analytics

Audience data from Google Analytics reveals who your audience are, and what they're doing on your site. Google Analytics demographic data will give you a rough idea of things like age, gender and the location of your users, and behavioural data shows what's working and what's not for different groups. RNZ used this data to … Continue reading Audience data from Google Analytics

Should you buy Adwords?

Approach Adwords with care Clients often come to me feeling frustrated that they’re throwing money into an Adwords black hole - they have no idea whether their spend is resulting in value to their business. They’ve often seen performance data showing that they’re getting good visibility in search results and clicks onto their website, but … Continue reading Should you buy Adwords?

SEO is content

Content is everything. That’s the main learning from the excellent book SEO for Growth which explains how to get more Google traffic to your website, in plain English. The authors even claim that content marketing experts are surpassing SEO experts in this field, which should give you pause for thought about where to invest your digital … Continue reading SEO is content

Google Analytics for content designers

Content is often a low priority on the digital food chain, but user-focussed content is a crucial part of successful digital products. You can have all the functionality in the world, but if users can’t understand how to use your services your product will fail! Sara Greig is an awesome content designer who creates content … Continue reading Google Analytics for content designers