GOV.UK transition dashboard

GOV.UK ran the Transition project to bring hundreds of government agency websites onto the central GOV.UK domain. The team needed a clear view on project progress, they also needed to see how changes affected the user experience of the live site.

We worked with a designer to create a dashboard that showed both project progress and website performance. 

The sections on ‘Transition progress and user needs’ shows the transition status of the main agencies, and the ‘Product gaps’ section shows the technology required to meet the needs of the agencies. 

The ‘Performance’ and ‘User research’ sections give a voice to the users of the website. The ‘Citizen contacts’ measure was the most valuable in terms of understanding the effect of the changes on user experience, as people would contact us if they couldn’t find what they needed on the site. After one transition when the contact rate went up, the dashboard helped us devote valuable resources to find out whether new content was working.

This dashboard shows that performance monitoring can go beyond the website. It’s important to track everything that has an impact on digital performance to get a meaningful and connected view of success.

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