Content strategy

Training government to use analytics

I created an analytics course for people in government departments and agencies. It’s designed to build a data culture for GOV.UK so that content decisions are informed by user data, not assumptions. See post on GDS blog – Helping government find user needs with analytics

Google Analytics stickers

I used to write Google Analytics reports on post-it notes so my team could stick them on their laptops as a reminder of how to get content insights. Bit messy. @markhurrell designed these awesome stickers to make them easier to read, less obtrusive, and less… Read More »Google Analytics stickers

GOV.UK page performance

Published 3 February 2014 I found metrics that measure whether we’re fulfilling our original GOV.UK goals. We turned them into content dashboards that everyone can use to find out what pages need to be improved. See post on GDS blog – GOV.UK page performance: are we fulfilling our content… Read More »GOV.UK page performance

The search is over… almost!

Published 9 December 2013 We looked at what people were searching for on popular GOV.UK pages, and included it in content. Searches on these pages dropped significantly, including a 5K drop in searches on our car tax page. See post on GDS blog – The search… Read More »The search is over… almost!

Helping GOV.UK work with GOVT.NZ

Published 26 July 2013 GOVT.NZ used GOV.UK’s front-end code for their beta site, and got lots of insight and resources from our team. I visited them a couple of times, and found people who could help them out. See post on GDS blog – Working with GOVT.NZ


Published 3 October 2012 Google’s algorithm get’s increasingly smarter at identifying good content – how we’re ensuring that GOV.UK performs well in search results. See post on GDS blog – SEO for GOV.UK