Digital performance dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to turn your complex data into a clear story. We create bespoke dashboards according to your needs, our dashboards:

  • Combine multiple data sources, from platforms like GA4, Google Ads, Search Console, Facebook, Instagram, and cost and revenue data.
  • Show whether you’re meeting your goals and how to improve performance.
  • Monitor trends and improve content.
  • Share your digital impact with the wider organisation.

Digital marketing dashboards

Is your digital marketing spend getting real results? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. We see a lot of confusing reports from marketing agencies, and it can be hard to get and interpret the data yourself.

Our digital marketing performance dashboards can help. We bring in data from multiple platforms such as GA4, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and cost and revenue data.

We’ll find the data that matters, tracking your conversions and revealing the platforms that are working the best for you. These insights will help you get the best value for your spend, identify the best channels to promote your content and the content that resonates most with your audience. We don’t do paid marketing, so we provide an objective view on your campaigns.

Website performance dashboards

Dashboards show the value of your website and help you to improve performance, even if you don’t have clear-cut conversions to measure.
They reveal your audience, the devices they use and the countries where they’re based. They show how many people you’re reaching, the content they are interested in, and what they are searching for. 
By understanding more about your audience, you can shape the user experience and create content to meet their needs. 
You can show the value of your website to the rest of your organisation with user volumes, and user demand and how you are meeting it.