Google Analytics (GA) training

Lana training a team in Utrecht, Holland.

Do you struggle to get useful insights out of Google Analytics? We provide bespoke training based on your own GA data. Tell us what you need, choose from different course modules, and we’ll create the right training for you.

We offer beginner-intermediate level courses, for people who may not be data analysts but want valuable insights quickly. We only cover the reports you need, so you won’t get overloaded with data. 

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Course details

Who is the course for?

It’s designed for teams – we train up to 8 people at a time. If you want training for yourself, or have a small team get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Beginner to intermediate-level users will get a lot out of the course.

Where is it held?

The course is designed to be held live online. We’re also happy to discuss holding it in-person.

How long is it?

The course is a total of 4 hours, split into two 2-hour sessions. This is to help you absorb the information and avoid data overload.

Who’s the instructor?

Lana Gibson – I’ve trained over 100 people in the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand. I’ve used Google Analytics for more than a decade and know where the value lies.

Course module examples

1. SEO – optimise content for Google

Use Google and on-site search data to create user-focused content that is geared to perform well in Google.

2. Traffic source and behaviour reports in GA 

Find landing pages from each of the key traffic sources to understand channel audiences. Explore key content pages, website engagement, and search insights.

3. Page performance

Explore traffic sources, link clicks, and searches for key pages.

4. Advanced segments

Hone in on valuable audience groups by filtering your GA data. For example track users from Facebook and see key pages, searches and engagement from this audience.

5. User journey dashboard

Create a dashboard within Google Analytics to access your most useful reports in one place. 

Training example: BNZ case study

The Digital Manager for BNZ wanted to give her team the skills to:

  • Find out what BNZ customers want.
  • Back their content and design decisions with evidence.
  • Show the value of their work with measurable improvements.


The team found valuable insights about their content in the session, and learned techniques to monitor performance.

Full case study: BNZ analytics training.

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GA4 training is coming soon…