I help clients understand their users and improve their websites with data. I specialise in Google Analytics and organic SEO data. I provide insights, tools and training that allow clients to understand their audiences and achieve their goals.



Services include:

Website performance strategy and dashboards – bring Google Analytics and other data sources together to get the big picture of your website performance, incorporating business, team and user needs.

Blog post: Dashboard for GOV.UK transition project

Project performance – make your project a success by identifying opportunities for improvement, defining what success looks like up front, and measuring whether the launched product meets your goals.

Blog post: Using data to help people celebrate Matariki with Te Papa

User journey analysis – understand how people are using your site, including where they’re coming from, the pages they’re visiting and what they’re looking for. Find out how to achieve your goals for different audiences.

Blog post: Understanding a museum’s digital audience

Creating a data culture – get your team using data effectively with strategies, tools and training customised to your needs.

Video: Creating a data culture in GOV.UK

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