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See more about the GOV.UK dashboard project on Dashboard for GOV.UK transition project.

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Kaynemaile sell architectural mesh products for building interiors and exteriors. They got in touch because they were expanding into new markets, and wanted to make sure their Google presence and website were ready for world domination. I helped them increase their Google reach, and make the most of interest from all the international awards they’ve been winning (awards are the best SEO technique).

Website results four months after changes:

  • users doubled
  • Google traffic landing straight on product pages increased by 70%
  • new product page received over 1K visits
  • visits to their Enquiries page increased by 90%
  • 180% increase in traffic from the US
  • 300% increase in traffic from social channels


Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.41.57 AM.pngTe Papa Venues wanted SEO expertise to improve their content and achieve higher organic search rankings in Google. They wanted to attract big conference and function organisers to extend their presence in this lucrative market.


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They were previously maintaining multiple marketing websites, which were costly and undermined the Google performance of the main site, so we shut them down and redirected Adwords traffic.

Results after 8 months:

  • email rate from the main site doubled
  • overall sessions increased by 45%
  • organic Google traffic increased by 11%
  • new SEO-optimised page received 4K visits


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Radio New Zealand wanted to see which stories are popular across all their digital channels, including their website, Facebook and Twitter. And they want to understand why, in order to create more popular content.

May dashboard

The dashboards show changes in:

  • traffic volume over time
  • traffic sources and devices
  • which stories are performing well through different channels
  • what their users are looking for in on-site searches

Producers review the dashboards weekly to understand how their content is performing. They’ve already created popular new content and found useful insights, such as the fact that different content is popular with the social audience compared to the Google audience, and that old content gets loads of social traffic when interest is renewed by news events.

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