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Search Engine Optimisation helps your content appear high in Google results. 

In the past SEO was about employing technical trickery to rank high in results, but now it’s about understanding what your audience wants and matching their needs to your goals. SEO can help you understand your competitors, find out where you’ve got the best chance of competing and provide a good experience for your users.

You can use also SEO techniques to promote your content effectively through local Google maps results, social media, blog posts and other channels. 

SEO services include:

  • demand in Google for your services
  • Google keywords that you’re already getting traffic from
  • competitor analysis to find opportunities to compete in Google
  • local SEO review to optimise your site for Google maps results
  • content recommendations to bake popular terms into content
  • website user journey analysis to meet your goals
  • audience segmentation to target different audiences

Case study – Kaynemaile

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Kaynemaile sell architectural mesh products for building interiors and exteriors. They got in touch because they were expanding into new markets, and wanted to make sure their Google presence and website were ready for world domination. I helped them increase their Google reach, and make the most of interest from all the international awards they’ve been winning (awards are the best SEO technique).

Website results four months after changes:

  • users doubled
  • Google traffic landing straight on product pages increased by 70%
  • new product page received over 1K visits
  • visits to their Enquiries page increased by 90%
  • 180% increase in traffic from the US
  • 300% increase in traffic from social channels

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