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Google Analytics helps you improve your website.

It provides a wealth of user insights, however there’s so much information that it can be hard to know where to start. You can understand your audience through the terms that they’re searching for, popular pages and traffic sources such as Facebook and referral sites.

I’ll reveal how people are using your website, and give you practical recommendations on how to improve performance.

Services include:

If you want to reach new markets and increase your traffic, you’ll also want to consider SEO consultancy in order to improve your Google rankings.

Case study – Te Papa venues

Te Papa Venues wanted SEO expertise to improve their content and achieve higher organic search rankings in Google. They wanted to attract big conference and function organisers to extend their presence in this lucrative market.

They were previously maintaining multiple marketing websites, which were costly and undermined the Google performance of the main site, so we shut them down and redirected Adwords traffic.

Results after 8 months:

  • email rate on the main site doubled
  • overall sessions increased by 45%
  • organic Google traffic increased by 11%
  • new SEO-optimised page received 4K visits

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