You can show your success and improve your performance with Google Analytics dashboards, social marketing dashboards, or SEO dashboards. With customised dashboards we can integrate different data sources in order to:

  • monitor your business goals in a clear format
  • reveal insights that you can act on
  • show your success and how changes impact the site

For more information about our approach, see the blog post Create a website dashboard.

RNZ case study

May dashboard.png

Radio New Zealand wanted to see which stories are popular across all their digital channels, including their website, Facebook and Twitter. And they want to understand why, in order to create more popular content.

Their new dashboards show changes in:

  • traffic volume over time
  • traffic sources and devices
  • which stories are performing well through different channels
  • what their users are looking for in on-site searches

Producers review the dashboards weekly to understand how their content is performing. They’ve already created popular new content and found useful insights, such as the fact that different content is popular with the social audience compared to the Google audience, and that old content gets loads of social traffic when interest is renewed by news events.

Another case study is the Dashboard for GOV.UK transition project.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 1.59.01 PM.png