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I’ve worked in digital for more than a decade, and spent over half that time using Google Analytics, SEO, and other user data to improve the digital performance of clients, big and small.

I help people achieve measurable success online. My expertise in analytics, content creation, UX, information architecture and user research means that I can show clients what their audience wants, and how to achieve their goals.

There is so much digital data available that it can be hard to know where to start. I know how to get results. I turn masses of impenetrable numbers into clear, actionable recommendations for you to use. I help you build a data culture in your organisation with dashboards, training sessions and insights that can be used by everyone, not glanced over and shelved in the ‘too-hard’ basket.

It’s not user stupidity, but design failure that causes many users to get frustrated with websites. Good design is driven by data, and I’ll help you to get your data useful and used.

I also speak at events and blog, usually about how to shape content and design around user needs in order to make successful digital products.


Te Papa
Dowse art museum
TDSL lawyers
Radio New Zealand
Element Digital Consulting
Deparment of Conservation NZ
Community Comms Collective
Culture 24
JWT London
Tricycle Theatre
Absolute IT
UK Digital Marketplace


Silverstripe workshop August 2017
Wellington Content meetup July 2017
Auckland Content Meetup May 2017

Wellington UX meetup April 2017
UX NZ Oct 2016
AgileNZ conference Sept 2015

Together London meetup 2014 (video)
Code for America – August 2014
Tate Britain lunchtime sessions – April 2014
Let’s get real phase 3: is your content fit for purpose? – Mar 2014
Agile content meetup – Feb 2014 (video)
Google, Arts Council, Culture 24, Creative England conference – Nov 2013
Let’s get real conference – Sept 2013
GDS: performance analyst (video)

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